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Torben Wilson

Torben Wilson, artist and owner of Neoterica Designs, began designing in 1994 after obtaining his degree in Industrial Technology. Torben then moved to California to create furniture designs for JW Contemporary Design. In 1997 he dedicated his full artistic talent into Neoterica Designs and has been designing unique pieces of art for close to 20 years. Torben creates all of the art pieces for Neoterica Designs from inception to the creation of each individual piece.

His journey with design started while he was a student at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, Shortly after graduating and completing an apprenticeship with a family furniture business, Torben’s career quickly spun into orbit. After seeing his portfolio, the owners JW Contemporary Design were instantly smitten by Torben’s eye for design. He moved to the Bay area to begin his career with JW Contemporary Design in 1997. Unfortunately he found that working for a mega-furniture company was confining, frustrating, and painfully pierced his wings. Within a year, disgruntled and tired, he knew it was time to move on.

His love for working with mirrors came when he designed a beautiful mosaic 3×4-foot back-splash for his friend’s North Carolina beauty salon. After installing it behind the shampoo bowls, his enthusiasm mounted as he visualized a set of matching mirrors hanging above. He went home and designed and constructed a set of mirrors accented with the same mosaic inlays as the back-splash. When his friend returned to work, he was so enchanted by the beauty of the mirrors that within days he removed them and hung them in his own home. Fortunately, the mirrors had already melted the hearts of enough customers, and much to Torben’s surprise, he was inundated with orders.

Thus Neoterica Designs was created—Designs for a Modern World. Using a combination of mirror and metal, held together by a secret black resin formula, and supported by a wood backing, Torben’s designs have a modern abstract yet familiar, down-home, friendly appeal found nowhere else on the planet.

Knowing how to woo his customers into a world that marries a bit of funk with sophistication, his mirror art will bring a smile and a wink to anyone’s day. Whether it is ‘his and her’ mirrors over closet doors, a curvy mirror adorned with clusters of luscious blue grapes over a bed, or a sleek martini glass and shaker over a bar, Torben’s designs satisfy a full spectrum of clientele. In a world that’s super cool, Torben knows how to turn up the heat and tease the senses.